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At Vibrant, we want you to discover the world of Dekton and explore the endless possibilities for your indoor and outdoor spaces. In fact, our offer goes beyond simple countertops: we also design full indoor showers, floorings, wall and fireplace claddings, and outdoor furniture. Our goal is to make your great ideas come to life.

architectural surfaces on a human scale

Made for the breathtaking

Made for the breathtaking


Let’s make your ideas
come to life.

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The fastest lead time of the industry, period.
We guarantee installation of your countertop within 10 days of measuring your space. Quick, high-quality results. Really.
Seamless solutions thanks to PerfectFit3
Our solutions are precisely measured to fit. If your floor or ceiling is uneven or if your countertop needs a special corner, rest assured we always rely on advanced technology to provide you with Dekton products that fit perfectly in your space.
Think beyond countertops
Thanks to our innovations, Dekton can now be installed at any angle, making all your imaginable projects possible. We constantly strive to create unique products, resulting from our exceptional attention to detail.

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