Hi there! We’re Vibrant. We are a pair of entrepreneurs who are passionate about stone. We launched our business in 2022 with the goal of providing you with a service and products that embody excellence. As the second generation of our family to work in this industry, we know everything there is to know about this field.

We’ve always believed that innovation is the key to success. We’re also always pushing the boundaries of technology and perfecting our solutions down to the most minute detail. That’s why our large-format Dekton surfaces remain unmatched in terms of quality.

After we founded our company, we quickly expanded throughout Quebec. We’re now also present in certain areas of Ontario, New Hampshire, and Maine. Today, we remain a benchmark of the industry thanks to our cutting-edge technology, our remarkable products, and our turnkey service — from start to finish.

At Vibrant, when it comes to transforming indoor and outdoor spaces with Dekton, the possibilities are endless. We make your great ideas come to life.

Dare to be vibrant

Unleashing innovation
and craftsmanship with
a meticulous attention
to details, we deliver
uncompromising quality
for every project
we take on.

It’s our everyday engagement.

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